A Diligence Engine

Track, build, compute, and know — with Laminary.

Corey Olson, Founder

And my beautiful wife Nicole.

Laminary is a new type of social network that uses single-column spreadsheet tables as the basis for interaction; it is analogous to a web host for data. Users construct single-column tables of data, and can permission their data however and to whomever they choose.

You can use Laminary as a single table spreadsheet, a collaborative database, content management system, and any thing you can imagine. See Tutorials

Laminary is a powerful tool — for those dilligent in business and life. It is free for basic usage, with paid plans available.

Be thou diligent to know the state of thy flocks, and look well to thy herds.
— Proverbs 27:23, King James Bible

The Story

Codename "Flocks of Blocks" was on my mind for nearly two years — culminating into this prototype.

I wanted to be more aware of the things I am responsible for. It started with tracking metrics: body weight, revenue, expenses, times and dates, and so on. But some metrics and information is discontinuous, scatterplot-like, and not ideal for spreadsheet applications. I designed something to enhance my diligence.

Instead of notes, where data gets lost, or spreadsheets, where data must be meticulously organized — I wanted to get a high-level overview of my data quickly. That I might summarize and manipulate data as blocks; organizing the "status" of my data points as blocks; and, I had this rhyme in my head: flocks of blocks. Laminary is an attempt to make data "at-hand" and makes data use and / or manipulation readily employable.

Basic Concepts

  • Laminary — A database for blocks (strata).

  • Strata — A block containing data (layers).

  • Layer — A data point, within a stratum.


Use data by name, e.g., [corey.body.weight]

  • Laminary : corey

  • Strata : body.weight

  • Layers : 178 (data)

    • ID — 179 — Timestamp
    • ID — 180 — Timestamp
    • ID — 181 — Timestamp

Logo shows gold ("circuit-board connections") and purple ("data") dots being manipulated / output.